Automatically Manage Your Reviews

Take away the time-consuming hassle of replying to reviews. Our AI system automatically analyses and replies to your reviews so you don't have to.

All completely hands-off, once you've connected your accounts. Leaving you to get more done of what you're best at.

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Integrations Planned at Launch


Automatically responds to Facebook Page reviews.

Google Business Profile

Manage your business locations with automated reviews and metrics.


Fully integrated with your Trustpilot account to automate review replies.

Plus more integrations with other review service providers in the future. We're just getting started.

Improving Your Business with Review Insights

It's all very well replying to your reviews regularly and with care, but that's not where the business value comes from. In order to write a reply our AI system analyses your customer's review for sentiment and theme. That gives you actionable insights to help improve the service your business delivers to your customers.

For our Professional and Enterprise plans you are provided with a dashboard showing you themes that keep recurring in your review data and mapping those themes against customer sentiment. You can then see where you are doing a great job and where you should be focussing your attention.

Rezon8AI is more than just a review management system, it helps you work smarter.

Helping You Work Smarter and Get More Done

Whatever your profession is, I'm fairly sure it's not a professional review responder (Is that even a job?) or you wouldn't be here. We see it as our job to help you work smarter, not having to divert your energy and resources to repetitive tasks that are not core to what you do. That's why we developed Rezon8AI, it's there to deliver AI functionality to your business to help you resonate with your customers, without having to login to multiple systems every day or even several times a day just to check and reply to customer reviews and feedback.

Who We Are

Our founder, Grant Crawley, wrote his first SaaS system way back in 1994. Since then he's learned a lot about online business and the way people work. His philosophy is to create systems that are intuitive and easy to use, the customer should feel like they're not having to do any work.

What We Do

As a company we write software - boring. As a product Rezon8AI does one thing, and it does it amazingly well, it's not a Swiss Army Knife. Rezon8AI goes to the most popular services for leaving reviews about your business, reads them, analyses them for sentiment and subject matter, then carefully crafts a reply. All this without you having to do a thing. So essentially what we do is give you time back and help protect your reputation.

Why We Do It

Put simply, we do it so you don't have to. But we're a business too and so we also do it to pay the bills and keep the lights on. We do it for our families and for our customers. Grant Crawley has been delivering IT services for over 30 years, and he still has customers he had on day one. We think that speaks volumes about why we do it. We do it because we love our customers and want you to succeed.

Grant Crawley